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Painting awards & Judges comments

Best in show - Sponsored by Kilmore Racing Club

Caroline Lewallan
# 129 - Lilies in Green Vase

An impressive still life illustrating a high level of competence with the pastel medium. Superb light and shade, and striking echoes of the vase colour within the flower petals unifies the elements. Very real, and very fresh.

Best Oil - Sponsored by Kilmore Toyota

Sharon Pappas
# 190 - Clarkefield Canola

This is a lovely composition following the basic ‘rule of thirds’. The brightly coloured flowers stand out beautifully against the moody sky. Simple but sophisticated. Excellent work. A very eye-catching painting.

Best Watercolour - Sponsored by Louise Payne Prize

Terri MacDonald
# 136 - Black cockatoo

This artist really knows the challenging medium of watercolour! A simple, understated background allows the clean, accurate colours to capture the essence of the bird, as well as its meal! Beautiful framing adds to the overall visual impact.

Best Pastel - Sponsored by Springridge Wallan

Salvatore Trigila
# 250 - Friendly Neighbours

Lovely loose expressive work with excellent gestural lines. An understated but beautifully presented background. This painting stood out. (Although the medium stated is charcoal, the judges were aware that the main medium used is pastel).

Best Acrylic - Sponsored by GMCU

Cheryl Eve
# 60 -Tsunami

A dynamic composition with a descriptive use of colour and beautifully abstracted elements. As well as this painting, all this artist’s work impressed the judges.

Best Other Medium - Sponsored by Cellarbrations

Maria Barbaro
# 15 - Two pies in the grass (mixed media)

It’s great to see really good printmaking! This artist really knows her subject and she has captured the character of these cheeky magpies so well! An excellent limited palette.

Best Digital - Sponsored by Bluecross Willowmeade Kilmore

Magno Barros
# 277 - David

A riveting portrait! The eyes of the subject capture our attention, and the use of the royal blue colour stands out and unifies the man and the owl. A most intriguing piece.

Small Treasure - Sponsored by Lavender Hill Farm

Carolyn Marrone
# 146 - A splash of lemon

A zingy little ‘thirst quenching’ painting. The level of detail in such a small space is extremely impressive! Cheers!

Highly Commended No. 1 - Sponsored by Metro Freightlines

Amber Cartwright
# 442 - A new beginning

Fresh, innocent and an unusual composition. Lovely contrasts and well painted fabric. A romantic little painting beautifully executed. Well done!

Highly commended No. 2 - Sponsored by Metro Freightlines

Jacinta Stevens
# 319 - River scene, blue

Harmonious, analogous colours all arranged in a nice composition with the focus on the reflections in the water. (There is a ‘Monet’ feel to this pastel painting). The artist, although obviously on an early path, has great future potential.

Highly Commended No. 3 - Sponsored by Metro Freightlines

John Clarke
# 31 - The fleet at rest

A striking watercolour with great use of light and shade indicating the time of day. Lovely sky reflections and the clever placement of boats lead the eye in.

Youth Painting (6 -12 years) - Sponsored by Nestlé

Johanna Wallace
# 439 - Blue jug

Great ‘wet in wet’ watercolour technique, and obviously painted from ‘life’. Both judges were immediately drawn to this painting. This young artist has a great future!

Youth Painting (13 – 18 years) - Sponsored by Nestlé

Blake Studd
# 435 - Harry Potter

A popular and recognisable subject using a superb pencil technique. Another bright future ahead for this young artist!

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Photography Awards & Judges comments

Best Photograph in Show - Sponsored by Hidden Valley Resort.

Vicky Johnson
 #100 - Beauchamp Falls

Fantastic composition and balance of light and dark. The highlight on the rocks works really well. The imagine draws the viewer down the falls and into the stream.

Highly Commended Photograph 1 - Sponsored by Val and David Corke

Jordan Richardson
# 214 - Moo St. pub Fitzroy

Deliberate miss alignment just works! Never seen this technique before. It keeps the eye moving and finds new points of interest.

Highly Commended Photograph 2 - Sponsored by Expo committee

Jordynne Wilkie
# 262 - Alan

Nice composition and good use of depth of focus, this helps to bring the subject out. The highlight on the front of the meerkat works well. The dark areas are balanced with the light.

Outstanding Achievement - Sponsored by Milners Picture Framers (voucher)

Vicky Johnson
# 101 - Crunch

Perfect timing and nailed the focus, which can be difficult on fast moving subjects.

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Sculpture Awards & Judges comments

Best Sculpture in Show - Sponsored by Dysons Group

Molly Lindsay
#132 - Cunningham on bark

I was instantly captivated by this amazing piece that captured its subject beautifully. I was drawn inwards, closer and closer as I noticed increasing levels of detail, both real and perceived. I was fascinated to explore the tones, textures and fabrication method.

Best Moulded / Cast Sculpture - Sponsored by Expo committee

Anne Anderson
# 1 - Gypsy

A flawlessly elegant piece, presented with bold execution balanced delicately with subtle curves.

Best Carved Sculpture - Sponsored by Expo committee

Aukje Van Vark
# 255 - Leafy Sea Dragon

An amazing animal, expertly immortalised with its delicate features and beautifully presented.

Best Assembled Sculpture - Sponsored by Expo committee

Jill Mattei
# 304 - Galahs and Rosellas

This piece spoke to me and reminded me of the frequent visitors to my garden. A lovely piece, with complexity and detail.

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