Fees and Commissions

The following fees and commissions are applicable for the 2023 Kilmore Art Expo, Physical Art Show.



Registration / Entry Fee Registration / Entry Fee per Art work $3
Not refundable & GST free
Payments must be made via the online system
Acceptance Fee Acceptance fee per Art work see chart below
Paintings & Photographs
Small Both sides less than 25cm. $10
Medium Both sides between 26cm to 100cm. $15
Large Any side over 100cm, but not exceeding 125cm $25
Small All dimensions less than 20cm. $15
Medium All dimensions between 20cm to 50cm. $20
Large Any dimension over 50cm, but not exceeding 100cm. (see note) $30
Note: Large sculptures requiring floor space greater than 100cm will not be considered.  Height can exceed 100cm, but not greater than 200cm.
Commission charges Percentage commission levied on sales 25%

NB: All prices to include GST where applicable. Artists must include their GST status with their return.

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