Sunrise On A Frosty Morning by Ben Winspear

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 97.00 cm X Width - 120.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Pastel on Board
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-1476-0203-01
COPYRIGHT © Ben Winspear


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Artist: Ben Winspear


                                                 BEN WINSPEAR – Fine Artist/Tutor.  

While Ben’s work at first appears purely representational his broad scope of subject matter and use of several mediums is underpinned by a larger foundation of more than what is defined by real. This comes to the fore at times as he makes a work that has little if any realistic elements, although generally most of his paintings have something recognisable.

Ben seeks to give the viewer a starting point for their own personal journey within the drawing or painting by placing elements of the real such as a figure, feather or a cauldron, set in a 'landscape', or even simply a black duck rippling the surface of the water into a kaleidoscope of colour and movement, and also using the abstract qualities and application of paint itself as the wider context to support the motif.  These works are of places neither real nor imagined, finite yet infinite, specific and yet unspecified. Each ends of these continuums hold tension against the other and in doing so draws the viewer into a journey - even a search - of their own past memories, experiences and perceptions intermingled with new and unfamiliar expectancies, questions and musings - the sifting process in which Ben seeks to let the viewer find 'truth'.

His work is mainly in oil and watercolour but he moves into other mediums as he feels the need arises.

Ben is also heavily involved in art in the education field teaching both adults privately and working with children in primary schools designing and facilitating creative projects. Ben resides in Melbourne, Victoria.

He has won numerous local and regional awards including the 2016 AME Bale Travelling scholarship; Ben’s work is collected by many different people and he can be contacted on 0427505793.