Moo St Pub Fitzroy by Jordan Richardson



DIMENSIONS (Height - 76.00 cm X Width - 101.00 cm )
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-40267-0166-01
COPYRIGHT © Jordan Richardson
PRIZES AND AWARDS The Kilmore Art Expo 2023 - Highly Commended Prize - 200
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Artist: Jordan Richardson


Just a small note first, I may not have all the prints in stock so if you like one its might take up to 10 days to do a new one, also I have posted some mini videos of some of the prints on You Tube, just type in 

J Rich Design Gallery 247

Born and bred in Melbourne, Jordan Richardson has always had a love of street art. “The vibrant colours and hectic, scrambled energy of street art appeals to me, and I suppose I replicate some of that here in these works”, he said.

Having tried his hand in various careers, in retail, design and art, Richardson’s great love is photography.  

“I have long admired David Hockney, Annie Leibowitz and Andy Warhol, and tried to emulate some of their styles in the past in many different photos. I left these images aside for years, and then rediscovered them a while ago and became re-inspired by some of them. With the capabilities that digital cameras now offer, I started to play around with digital techniques, such as photoshop.

“From this, I developed the complex process of dissecting and re-piecing images together, cut-and-pasting them onto other images of buildings. I have also recently started using images of old wooden beach boxes and piers.

‘I am often inspired by an interesting photo, and then play with layers to create something that looks similar, but very different. I want them to look like someone has painted graffiti onto a building or a site. They shimmer with the different possibilities of perspective.”

Each one of Richardson’s works can take months to complete. They are mainly in landscape orientation in a 76 x 101 sized frame.