Clarkefield Canola by Sharon Pappas


ARTIST NOTES: I live in central victoria, and have always loved canola fields. This year there was so many amazing ones in my area. I was looking for the perfect one to paint, which happened to show its self to me when I dropped my hubby at the train station in Clarefield (something I don't normally do - it was ment to be!)

DIMENSIONS (Height - 58.00 cm X Width - 87.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-44753-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Sharon Pappas
PRIZES AND AWARDS The Kilmore Art Expo 2023 - Best Oil Prize - 500
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Artist: Sharon Pappas


My artistic journey started sitting in my grandfather’s garage watching him paint wonderful oil landscapes.  He encouraged, taught, and inspired me.

I grew up in Central QLD on a large farm, I was always creative and explored fashion design, drawing and photography throughout high school.  But it was only when I discovered pastels in my early 20’s that I found a way of expressing how I see the world.   I could capture the colours and light of the world around me. 

Moving to Lancefield, central Victoria in 2020 has reconnected me with the Australian countryside. The landscape is breathtaking with birds and animal life everywhere. I have been drawn to paint with oils since moving here, I enjoy layering, creating textures and blending colours on the canvas.  Oils have given me a new way to express myself and a different level of control over colour.  I love painting everything from tiny canvases 4x4” to very large works.

I am passionate about learning and challenging myself to grow.   My paintings are not always a faithful portrayal of reality.  Rather, they are my take on things and how I see the world.  I love colour and light, this is the basis for all of my work.  Discovering new techniques and developing my style is extremely important to me.  I love modern Impressionism drawing inspiration from there, creating paintings that portray a sense of movement, tonal depth, colour and freedom.